XIENCE™ Family of Drug-Eluting Stents

The World's Leading Drug-Eluting Stents (DES), with Unparalleled Clinical Outcomes¹

Stent Choice Matters

Small differences between stents can be the determining factor on whether clinical outcomes are optimal over the short and long term.1,2

There’s a Whole World of Evidence in Support of the XIENCE™ Stent

Clinicians have long had confidence in XIENCE™ Stent, which industry experts consider to be the gold standard. XIENCE™ Stent is the world's leading DES, with over 15 million implants, consistently delivering outstanding short- and long-term outcomes.1,3

Interventional cardiologists have chosen XIENCE Stent for more than 15 million implants, making XIENCE Stent the world's leading drug-eluting stent.
XIENCE Stent has been used in more than 120 clinical trials.
XIENCE Stent has been studied in over 125,000 patients in clinical trials.
XIENCE Stent has been examined in clinical trials for over a decade.

The XIENCE™ Stent difference results not just from a unique stent design but from a unique fluoropolymer coating. This coating is a key differentiator from other DES, resulting in thromboresistance, and minimal inflammatory response with XIENCE™ Stents.2,5

Peak Performance with XIENCE™ Stent

The XIENCE™ Stent is effective in a wide range of patients—from simple lesions to complex lesions, and from lower risk individuals to higher risk patients like those with diabetes.6

Here are a few of the features that contribute to XIENCE™ Stent quality and performance7

  • Excellent Deliverability
  • Ultra-low stent crossing profile (0.0390")
  • XIENCE Skypoint™ Stent's unique design to post dilate to 5.75 mm
  • Flexible and conformable MULTI-LINK design
  • Minimal stent shortening when deployed
XIENCE Sierra stent now offers best-in-class deliverability.

Ordering Options for XIENCE™ Stent

XIENCE™ Stents come in a wide range of sizes for the full spectrum of patient needs.


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