XIENCE™ Family of Drug-Eluting Stents

The World's Leading Drug-Eluting Stents (DES), with Unparalleled Clinical Outcomes¹

XIENCE™ Family of Drug-Eluting Stents

Expanded Treatment Options2

Uniquely Designed to Post-Dilate up to 5.5 mm

With 5.5 mm post-dilatation capability for 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm stents, XIENCE Sierra™ Stent can treat large vessels.

And with 3.75-mm post-dilatation capability for smaller diameter stents—2.0 mm, 2.25 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.75 mm, 3.0 mm, and 3.25 mm—XIENCE Sierra™ Stent can also treat tapered vessels of various diameters.

These options for stent diameters and post-expansion diameters provide a range of choices to treat the array of vessels that interventional cardiologists (ICs) encounter.

  XIENCE Sierra

No Shortening for Unsurpassed Precision in Placement

XIENCE Sierra™ Stent exhibits no shortening even at max expansion of 5.5 mm.3 This assists ICs by:

  • Providing precision in placement
  • Avoiding a geographic miss
0.0% Shortening chart

XIENCE™ Stent Design Ensures Coating Integrity4

For images below, the left visual is magnified 25x and the right visual is magnified 150x.

XIENCE™ Stent Coating

XIENCE™ Stent coating remains intact at maximum post-dilatation expansion of 5.5 mm from 3.5 mm (3.5 x 18 mm).

XIENCE Stent Coating

Synergy Coating

The Synergy‡ coating shows multiple cracks with delamination at its max expansion of 4.25 mm from 3.5 mm (3.5 x 20 mm).

Synergy‡ Coating

Resolute Onyx Coating

The Resolute Onyx coating peels off and shows exposed metal at its max expansion of 4.75 mm from 3.5 mm (3.5 x 18 mm).

Resolute Onyx‡ Coating
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