XIENCE™ Family of Drug-Eluting Stents

The World's Leading Drug-Eluting Stents (DES), with Unparalleled Clinical Outcomes¹

Stent DiameterStent LengthPost-Dilatation Limit
8 mm12 mm15 mm18 mm23 mm28 mm33 mm38 mm48 mm
2.0 mm1800200-081800200-121800200-151800200-181800200-231800200-281800200-331800200-38-3.75 mm
2.25 mm1800225-081800225-121800225-151800225-181800225-231800225-281800225-331800225-38-3.75 mm
2.5 mm1800250-081800250-121800250-151800250-181800250-231800250-281800250-331800250-381800250-483.75 mm
2.75 mm1800275-081800275-121800275-151800275-181800275-231800275-281800275-331800275-381800275-483.75 mm
3.0 mm1800300-081800300-121800300-151800300-181800300-231800300-281800300-331800300-381800300-483.75 mm
3.25 mm1800325-081800325-121800325-151800325-181800325-231800325-281800325-331800325-38-3.75 mm
3.5 mm1800350-081800350-121800350-151800350-181800350-231800350-281800350-331800350-381800350-485.75 mm
4.0 mm1800400-081800400-121800400-151800400-181800400-231800400-281800400-331800400-381800400-485.75 mm
4.5 mm-1800450-121800450-151800450-181800450-231800450-281800450-33--5.75 mm
5.0 mm-1800500-121800500-151800500-181800500-231800500-281800500-33--5.75 mm

Product Specifications for XIENCE Skypoint™ Stent

Stent Specifics

Stent DesignMULTI-LINK,
Peak-to-Valley Design
Stent MaterialL-605 Cobalt Chromium
Drug Dose Density100 µg/cm²
PolymerFluorinated Copolymer
Strut Thickness0.0032" (81 µm)
MRI CompatibilityMR Conditional
(see IFU for specific conditions)
2.00-3.25 mm
3.5-5.0 mm
Post-Dilation Limit
3.75 mm
5.75 mm


Delivery System Specifications

Nominal Pressure9 atm for 2.0-2.5 mm;
12 atm for 2.75-5.0 mm
Rated Burst Pressure16 atm for All Diameters
Min. GC/Sheath Diameter5F / 0.056" / 1.42 mm (2.0-4.0 mm, 8-38 mm)
6F / 0.070" / 1.78 mm (2.5-4.0 mm, 48 mm)
6F / 0.070" / 1.78 mm (4.5-5.0 mm, 12-33 mm)
Balloon MaterialPebax 72D
Working Catheter Length145 cm
Shelf Life36 months
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