XIENCE™ Family of Drug-Eluting Stents

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XIENCE™ Family of Drug-Eluting Stents

XIENCE Sierra™ Stent — Best In-Class Deliverability2

The XIENCE Sierra™ Stent design offers unmatched deliverability, even when treating challenging complex lesions.

Less Force Required to Cross Lesion

XIENCE Sierra™ Stent requires less force than competitors when crossing a lesion:
73% less force than Synergy 64% less force than Resolute Onyx

XIENCE Sierra requires 73% less force to cross lesion than Synergy, 64% less force than Resolute Onyx.

Tighter Crimping For Smoother Crossing2

The optimized MULTI-LINK design enables tighter crimping with XIENCE Sierra™ Stent, allowing for smoother crossing.

XIENCE Sierra has a narrower crest and slimmer, more flexible links—allowing for smoother crossing.

Thinner Balloon for Flexibility in Crossing2

The stent design and thinner balloon technology enhance flexibility and further lower the crimped profile. Among the other features allowing for excellent deliverability is a single-piece outer member for added pushability and trackability.

XIENCE Sierra Stent has a thinner balloon, allowing even lower crimped profile.

Ultra Low Stent Crossing Profile of 0.039"2

The ultra low stent crossing profile, at 0.039", is another factor enabling ease of crossing.

XIENCE DES has an ultra low crossing profile compared to competitors.

More XIENCE Sierra™ Stent features

XIENCE Sierra Stent features
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