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Patient Education

Educating Your Heart Failure Patients About the Benefits of the CardioMEMS HF System

After identifying a heart failure patient who should receive the CardioMEMS™ HF System, there are many tools available to educate them about the importance of remotely monitoring their heart failure to help them live their life with more confidence.

Heart Failure Education

Understanding Heart Failure Video

If the patient’s heart failure diagnosis is new, this video animation can help them understand the severity of the diagnosis.

Left-Sided Heart Failure

In this video you’ll learn about left-sided heart failure, which affects the left ventricle (lower, left side) of the heart.

Right-Sided Heart Failure

Learn about right-sided heart failure, which affects the right side, or right ventricle, of the heart. It usually results from left-sided heart failure, but it can also be a result of damage to the right ventricle from a heart attack.

  • This poster explains what heart failure is, and provides a self-assessment checklist. Additionally, it describes at a high level how the CardioMEMS HF System works.

  • A Community Health Talk is one of the most effective ways to support heart failure patients and their caregivers. It gives them an opportunity to meet with experts, hear simple explanations and ask questions in real time, as well as meet with others who are facing the same challenges and trade stories and tips. A physician speaker may use this Abbott-prepared presentation to assist with educating attendees about heart failure and the CardioMEMS™ HF System.

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