Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Training and Education


Optimizing Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) Management Webinars featuring Diane Czaplicki, RN, BSN, CCDS, Clinical Device Specialist

These on-demand webinars offer insights into timing and best practices to help you reach a deeper level of understanding with ICM management and™ Patient Care Network (PCN).

Tools and Features for Efficient Patient Management


  • Introduction
  • Patient Enrollment
  • Scheduling Remote Transmissions
  • Keeping Your Patients Connected
 Virtual Heart Failure Bootcamp

Optimized Workflows for Accessing Patient Data and Generating Reports


  • Reviewing Patient Transmissions
  • Direct Trend Reports and Patient Summary
 Virtual Heart Failure Bootcamp

Taking Control of Your ICM Data Burden


  • Key Episodes, Record Symptoms, and DirectAlerts™ Programming
  • Best Practices for Controlling Data Burden
 Virtual Heart Failure Bootcamp
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