Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Training and Education


Managing the AVEIR™ DR Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker System in Clinic
Online Training

This program is designed to prepare Allied Health Professionals for assessing and programming the AVEIR DR LP System. The online training includes four videos that will provide an overview of the technology and a detailed walk-through of how to perform follow-up device checks.

Program Objectives

Experience a specialized technical training featuring:

  • An in-depth introduction to the AVEIR DR LP System, highlighting its unique attributes.
  • A deep dive into implant-to-implant, or i2i™ communication, an innovative way of enabling two leadless pacemakers to communicate with each other.1
  • Guidance for follow-up checks on AVEIR DR LP System patients. Learn to effectively interrogate, assess, and program the pacemaker system.2
  • Overview

  • i2i™ Communication

  • Programmer Interface Review

  • Case Studies and Battery Optimization

Questions about our educational offerings?

Questions about our educational offerings?



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MAT-2401972 v1.0