Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Training and Education


Peer-to-Peer Traditional Device
Implant Training

The Peer-to-Peer Implant Training Program is a one-day, Abbott-sponsored, hands-on training focused on the implantation of CRM devices. This program is for physicians with limited implant experience wishing to expand their skills and knowledge of managing patients with implantable cardiac devices.

The program is led by experienced Abbott faculty members who will provide guidance and support throughout live procedures. The curriculum provides a combination of didactic discussion and live, hands-on case experience in a patient setting, which will emphasize basic implant techniques and device management. Participants will have the opportunity to observe device implantation procedures, practice implantation techniques, and receive feedback and coaching from Abbott faculty. The Peer-to-Peer Implant Training Program is designed to be an interactive and safe learning experience that allows physicians to build confidence and proficiency in implanting Abbott cardiac rhythm management devices. 

Audience: This program is intended for cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, and electrophysiologists.

What trainings do we offer: Traditional PPM, ICD, and CRT Training.
Not in scope: AVEIR™ Leadless Pacemaker

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