Workhorse Peripheral Guide Wires

Steer With Success

HydroSteer™ Guide Wires are available in 150 cm, 180 cm and 260 cm lengths.

Nitinol Guide Wire Core

  • Offers kink resistance, maintains excellent flexibility, and provides durability for navigating through tortuous vasculature1

Polymer Jacket

  • Enhances trackability1

Lubricious Hydrophilic Coating

  • Provides enhanced navigation through challenging anatomy1

Optional Torque Device

  • Enhances steerability by aiding directional control of the peripheral guide wire during use

Ordering Information

ProductPart NumberDiameterLengthDescriptionTip Taper
HydroSteer™4080050.035 in150 cmStandard, AngledRegular tip taper
HydroSteer™4080090.035 in180 cmStandard, AngledRegular tip taper
HydroSteer™4080110.035 in260 cmStandard, AngledRegular tip taper
HydroSteer™408030N/AN/AHydroSteer™ Torque DeviceN/A

Data on file at Abbott.


  1. Tóth GG, Yamane M, Heyndrickx GR. Heart. 2015;101:645–652.

MAT-2011244 v2.0