Peripheral Guide Wires

Abbott Peripheral Guide Wire Case Library

The Abbott Guide Wire Case Library is designed with you in mind. For the most experienced interventionists and vascular surgeons, to those just starting out, this library provides a “deep dive” on guide wires and techniques.

Enjoy a detailed physician panel discussions on selected cases, starting with COMPLEX BTK. You'll hear discussion and opinions from our first physician panel as 2 complex lower limb interventions are presented.

For more focused content, with shorter video clips, explore the Guide Wire Usage and Techniques section with diverse content, from crossing techniques, to predictors and decision points for antegrade vs retrograde crossing, to guide wire design. There's also a Product Spotlight section with short video clips covering design, attributes and uses for Abbott products used during access, navigation, cross and device delivery.

Content in the Abbott Guide Wire Case Library will continue to be updated. Sign up here to stay informed as more content is added.

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