Peripheral Guide Wires

Leading the Way in Peripheral Intervention Guide Wire Technology

What Accounts for Peripheral Guide Wire Performance?

Peripheral guide wire performance is impacted by wire design and its components, which include core material, diameter, tip style, coating, and more. Our guide wires are organized by their performance goal, to help you select the right wire for the right clinical situation.

Peripheral Specialty Guide Wires

Abbott’s family of specialty guide wires provide added support and flexibility, plus increasing tip stiffness for superb crossing performance. This is especially important when treating lesions with increased complexity and calcification.

Hi-Torque Connect™ 250T Guide Wires
Hi-Torque Proceed™ Guide Wires
Hi-Torque Winn™ Guide Wires

Peripheral Supportive Guide Wires

Abbott’s family of supportive guide wires offer added support for delivery of stents, balloon dilation catheters (BDCs), and other devices.

Hi-Torque Spartacore™ Guide Wires
Hi-Torque Steelcore™ Guide Wires
Hi-Torque Supra Core™ Guide Wires

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