Hi-Torque Command™

Workhorse Peripheral Guide Wires

   Hi-Torque Command

Don't Compromise. Take Command.

Excellent Torque and Support

  • Stainless steel body and nitinol tip provide the optimal balance of control and durability
  • Transitionless fusion weld enables smooth device compatibility
  • Hydrophilic coating on a radiopaque polymer provides excellent lubricity and visibility
  • Core-to-tip design enables 1:1 torque over the length of the peripheral guide wire1

Superb Flexibility and Tip Durability

  • Shapeable nitinol tip retains shape throughout an entire procedure
  • 3 cm distal platinum radiopaque coils offer excellent visibility1

Wire and Tip Options

  • Tip load options of 2.8 g and 3.5 g
  • Guide wire lengths of 190 cm, 250 cm and 300 cm

Support Profile For Hi-Torque Command™ Workhorse Peripheral Guide Wires

  Hi-Torque Command Guide Wire support curves

Ordering Information

ProductPart NumberDiameterLengthTip Style
Hi-Torque Command™20781720.014 in190 cmCore-To-Tip
Hi-Torque Command™20781730.014 in300 cmCore-To-Tip
Hi-Torque Command™ ES20781740.014 in190 cmCore-To-Tip
Hi-Torque Command™ ES20781750.014 in300 cmCore-To-Tip
Hi-Torque Command™20781760.014 in250 cmCore-To-Tip
Hi-Torque Command™ ES20781770.014 in250 cmCore-To-Tip

Data on file at Abbott.


  1. Tóth GG, Yamane M, Heyndrickx GR. Heart. 2015;101:645–652.

MAT-2011245 v2.0