Access Peripheral Guide Wires

Guiding Through Access

Stainless Steel Guide Wire Core

  • Is ideal for needle access, sheath introduction, and catheter delivery1

PTFE Pre-Coating

  • Provides a superior finish with increased lubricity to reduce friction between the catheter and guide wire

Versatile Product and Options

  • Multiple lengths, tip configurations, and diameters to meet a variety of clinical needs
  • Various tip configurations including standard, straight, exchange, super stiff, firm, Bentson, and J
  • Guide wire lengths of 150 cm, 180 cm and 260 cm

Ordering Information

ProductPart NumberDiameterLengthDescription“J” Radius
GuideRight™4045550.035 in150 cmStandard Straight “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4045600.032 in180 cmSuper Stiff, “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4045680.025 in150 cmStandard, “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4045690.032 in150 cmStandard, “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4045700.035 in150 cmStandard, “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4045710.035 in180 cmStandard, “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4045770.035 in260 cmStandard, Exchange, “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4045780.035 in150 cmFirm, “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4046100.038 in150 cmStandard, “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4046170.038 in260 cmStandard, Exchange, “J”3 mm
GuideRight™4048400.035 in150 cmStandard, Straight7 mm
GuideRight™4048430.035 in150 cmBentson, Straight23 mm
GuideRight™4048440.035 in260 cmStandard, Exchange, Straight
7 mm
GuideRight™4048780.032 in260 cmStandard, Exchange, “J”
3 mm

Data on file at Abbott.


  1. Tóth GG, Yamane M, Heyndrickx GR. Heart. 2015;101:645–652.

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