JETi™ Hydrodynamic Thrombectomy System

Peripheral Thrombectomy Device

The JETi™ Thrombectomy System is designed to remove both peripheral arterial thrombosis and peripheral venous thrombosis.1

The JETi™ thrombectomy device leverages cutting-edge technology to treat both peripheral arterial and venous thrombus with a novel hydrodynamic design.1 Utilizing a uniquely positioned high-pressure saline jet, JETi™ is able to fragment clot within the safety of the catheter tip1 while reducing catheter clogs.1 With HyperPulse™ Fluid Delivery, JETi™ can also sub selectively infuse/deliver diagnostics or therapeutics intra-procedurally.1

Dual-action Design1 Enables Efficient Clot Removal2

Unique Design1 to Rapidly Remove Thrombus Burden2

  • Novel hydrodynamic design to aspirate and fragment clot while reducing catheter clogs1
  • High single-session treatment success rate3 to help reduce costly ICU length of stay4

Minimal Risk of Procedural Complication

  • Minimized risk of embolization5,6 and hemolysis5
  • Low profile 6F and 8F catheters7 to help avoid large-bore access site complications8

Proven Performance

  • Unobstructed flow restored in 94.3% of the limbs in patients with acute iliocaval and iliofemoral venous thromboembolism3
  • Successful removal of targeted thrombus in 85% of acute and subacute lower limb ischemia cases9


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