Absolute Pro™
Peripheral Self-Expanding Stent System

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Absolute Pro Vascular

Precision. Performance. Results.

Excellent precision, flexibility, and proven clinical results1 in the iliacs.


  • Tri-axial technology to ensure precise stent placement


  • Flexible nitinol material
  • 12 radiopaque nitinol markers (6 on each end) for visibility

Clinical Results

  • 98.9% clinically driven freedom from TLR at 9 months
  • 92.1% primary patency at 2 years in iliacs1
  • 84.8% primary patency in TASC D lesions at 2 years in iliacs*1

High Freedom from Clinically Driven TLR through 3 years

High Freedom from Clinically Driven TLR through 3 years

Significant Sustained Improvement in Walking Capacity

walking capacity chart

Tri-Axial Technology Specifications

Tri-Axial Technology Specs

Stent Size Matrix

Lengths (mm)
Stent Diameter (mm)6.06F/8F6F/8F6F/8F6F/8F
Sheath/Guide Compatibility

Compatible with 0.035" guide wire only - use of an undersized guide wire with insufficient support may cause kinking in the stent delivery system.**

Data on file at Abbott.
*Combined clinical results from BRAVISSIMO study where 54%/46% of TASC D lesions were treated with Absolute Pro™ Vascular Self-Expanding Stent System / Omnilink Elite™ Vascular Balloon-Expandable Stent System respectively.
**Absolute Pro™ .035 Self-Expanding Stent System Instructions For Use (IFU). Refer to IFU for additional information.


  1. Donato, G. et al. 24-Month Data from the BRAVISSIMO: A Large-Scale Prospective Registry on Iliac Stenting for TASC A & B and TASC C & D Lesions. Annals of Vascular Surgery. 2015; 29(4): 738-750.

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