Supera™ Stent

Results Matter. Platform Matters.

  Supera Stent

Supera™ Peripheral Stent

The Supera™ Peripheral Stent is a unique class of SFA Technology. Engineered with an innovative interwoven wire technology, this nitinol stent offers physicians unmatched clinical outcomes1-12 across varied lesion complexities and lengths.1, 13-15

Supera Peripheral Stent

Results Matter

The Supera™ Stent is known for the excellence of its clinical outcomes after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) procedures with stent placement, since this peripheral stent has been studied in more than 2,000 patients and 17 studies worldwide.1,15-30

  91% patency at 1 year


When nominally deployed*

  94% freedom from TLR at 3 years


When nominally deployed*

*Nominal deployment is defined as the stent length upon deployment being within +/- 10% of the labeled stent length. This data is from a non-powered post-hoc analysis.

Demonstrates excellent clinical outcomes

Supera™ Stent demonstrated excellent 1 yr patency and 3 yr freedom from TLR in the SUPERB trial.1


Unmatched clinical outcomes

Demonstrated unmatched clinical outcomes in simple lesions1-12


Consistent patency regardless of lesion length*

Exhibits consistent 1-year primary patency results regardless of lesion length13-20,31


Strong outcomes in calcification

Reveals strong clinical outcomes in severely calcified lesions at year 3 years1

Study reported 93.8% with Trans-Atlantic Inter-Society Consensus Document (TASC) A & B lesions and/or Rutherford class 2 or 3 lesions

*Patency rates have been evaluated in studies in lesion lengths ranging from 5.3 cm to 28.0 cm.

Platform Matters

Unlike any other stent design platform, the Supera™ Stent is uniquely designed to keep vessels open with its distinct platform, created by interwoven individual, flexible nitinol wires.

High Compression Resistance32

4x greater strength for compression resistance—so it can maintain a round, open lumen, which can be especially beneficial in calcified lesions

High compression resistance

Low Chronic Outward Force32

With 1:1 stent to vessel sizing, low chronic outward force results in minimal vessel injury34

Low outward force

High Flexibility33 and Fracture Resistance1

Unparalleled flexibility,33 which mimics the natural structure and movement of the anatomy35-37

Zero stent fractures reported at 1 year in over 2,000 patients across 17 studies1,15-30

High flexibility


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