Peripheral Vascular Stents

Explore Abbott's Portfolio of Self-Expanding and Balloon-Expanding Stents.

Self-Expanding Stents

Supera™ Peripheral Stent System

  • Interwoven wires that mimic the dynamic twisting, bending, and shortening of the SFA and proximal popliteal1,2

Absolute Pro™ Peripheral Stent System

  • Tri-axial technology designed to ensure precise stent placement

Balloon-Expanding Stents

Omnilink Elite™ Peripheral Stent System

  • Cobalt chromium multi-link technology that allows for thin struts without sacrificing strength for flexibility and vessel conformability

Herculink Elite™ Peripheral Stent System

  • Excellent strength and deliverability to the renal arteries

Drug-Eluting Stents

XIENCE Prime™ BTK Everolimus Eluting Peripheral Stent System

  • Clinically proven for primary stenting of focal and long lesions and engineered for outstanding performance.3

Data on file at Abbott unless otherwise noted.



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