Patient Experience

Why Health Equity Matters and How Technology Is Shaping the Future

Reimaging Patient Care in Asia Pacific Digital Summit

Led by Dr. Nick West, Chief Medical Officer and DVP Global Medical Affairs, watch global visionaries and leading healthcare leaders in Asia Pacific engage in a strategic discussion on the changing expectations of patient satisfaction and innovative ideas for reimagining the future of patient-centric healthcare delivery using data-driven technology and digital health.

This video features Drs. Peter Fitzgerald (Stanford University Hospital, US), David Rhew (Microsoft, US), Junya Ako (Kitasato University School of Medicine, Japan), Alexander Douglas (General Practitioner, Australia) and Prof. Gemma Figtree (University of Sydney, Royal North Shore Hospital, Australia).

Asia Pacific Healthcare Leadership Summit 2021: Reimagining Patient Care in Asia Pacific

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Enhancing Positive Outcomes for Patients: How shared decision-making and consumer technologies can help drive patient adherence and compliance

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