Beyond Intervention: The Post-Intervention Patient Experience

The Post-Intervention Patient Experience

How shared decision-making and consumer technologies can help drive patient adherence and compliance.

For hospital leaders and physicians alike, ensuring and monitoring patient compliance with both prescribed medications and lifestyle advice remains an unmet need for all forms of medical care, applying critically to vascular care.

Our third assessment of the state of global vascular care solicits the perspectives of key stakeholders to uncover existing pain points in the later stages of the vascular patient journey and what we can do to overcome them.

What's in our year 3 report

The research uncovered three key findings:

Patient satisfaction is based on a comprehensive care experience interacting within the healthcare system and not solely on the success of the recommended treatment.

Finding the motivation and time to manage their conditions, and the cost related to treatments are the primary challenges for patients, and thus, the chief contributing factors to adherence and compliance.

Many patients see the value in digital solutions that monitor disease for managing their own health and wellness, although physicians and healthcare leaders seem less eager to adopt such solutions at present.

1,350 patients
499 physicians
207 healthcare leaderes
16 countries

  Beyond Intervention Year 3 Report: Enhancing Positive Outcomes for Patients

Key findings from our 2023 research push us to consider which new technologies and approaches can help us better manage post-procedure care for people with vascular diseases.

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