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Beyond Intervention

About Beyond Intervention

300 million life-years have been lost to cardiovascular diseases.1 Abbott's Beyond Intervention Research addresses new demands of today's diverse patient care landscape and new approaches on the horizon. It's time we reimagine patient care.

Our research focuses on the later stages of the patient experience following hospital discharge or after an intervention (whether lifestyle modification recommendations, prescribed medications or a surgical or endovascular procedure). A total of 2,056 stakeholders across 16 countries answered a structured questionnaire between March and May 2022 that informed this research.

About Abbott and the Research

For over 135 years, Abbott has been committed to building life-changing technologies that keep people healthy, providing nutritional support and novel medicines, and developing diagnostic tests and breakthrough tools to help people manage their health. Today, Abbott reaches 2 billion people annually through best-in-class products and technologies, with an aim of increasing this to 3 billion (1 in 3 people on the planet) by 2030. As part of this bold mission, Abbott’s Vascular business is putting science and innovation to work to create more possibilities for more people.

Throughout the course of this 3-year research program, comprising nearly 5,500 individual surveys, clear insights into the care experiences of vascular patients have emerged, alongside potential technological solutions that could improve end-to-end patient experiences, including:

  • use of standardized technologies to achieve timely diagnosis;
  • use of tools enabled by artificial intelligence to assist physicians and enable shared decision-making;
  • medical adoption of wellness tools including smartphones, wearables, mobile apps, and digital health trackers that have already saturated the consumer market;
  • mechanisms to synthesize the vast quantities of data generated from electronic healthcare records, imaging tools and consumer technologies into meaningful and actionable insights.

Health Leader Perspectives

Global experts weigh in on the latest topics concerning the future of vascular care.

Health Leader Perspectives
Health Leader Perspectives

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