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Ultreon Software has step-by-step guidance to streamline the use of OCT intravascular imaging and RFR/FFR, prioritizing ease of use for interventional cardiologists (ICs)

The Future is Now. Experience the Next Chapter of PCI with Ultreon™ Software.

Performing PCI based on coronary angiography alone is not enough. As observed in ILUMIEN IV, OCT guidance results in improved safety results.1


Stent Thrombosis

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95.7% of patients
Death or MI within
2 yrs when ST occurred

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At Abbott, we strive to make safe and smart PCI accessible to all, because your patient deserves the best possible treatment enabled by informed decisions. Ultreon™ Software is Abbott's latest imaging platform that uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze lesion data and present unique OCT and angiographic insights so physicians can make fast and accurate decisions to achieve optimal patient results.2

Make fast, accurate clinical decisions with the help of AI2

The artificial intelligence (AI) in Ultreon™ Software gives you:

  • Calcium assessment
    • Calcium presence in target vessel
    • Calcium arc on a given frame
    • Calcium thickness on a given frame
  • External Elastic Lamina (EEL) Assessment
    • EEL presence
    • EEL diameter

Ultreon Software calcium assessment

Place the stent exactly where you want it, how you want it2

Ultreon™ Software integrates and improves insights from angiography to aid easier stent delivery and deployment.

Users can reference their own plans on co-registered view while delivering the stent in the live angio screen.

Ultreon Software place the stent

Check or optimize your work with automatic stent expansion calculation2

Ultreon™ Software gives users immediate post-PCI stent assessment:

  • Stent underexpansion (Tapered Mode) below threshold is highlighted in orange
  • Stent malapposition larger than threshold is highlighted in yellow
  • The high resolution of raw longitudial OCT allows for better assessment for medial dissection

Ultreon Software optimize your work

Control the software at your tableside2

The Tableside Controller allows physicians to navigate the Ultreon™ Software freely at their fingertips. Quick actions like augmentation on/off, menu and co-registration are just a click away.

Ultreon Software controller

"I do OCT in 95% of all my cases and the data-driven guided interface with Ultreon™ Software has ignited an imaging revolution, making imaging interpretation easier (through automatic EEL and calcium detection) and the supported guided-user interface."

– Dr. Jonathan Hill, London UK
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Learn More About Ultreon™ Software

Check with your local rep about the latest version of software that is available in your country.

Ultreon™ 2.0 Software

Ultreon 2.0 Software

Building on the capabilities of Ultreon™ 1.0 Software, Ultreon™ 2.0 Software is the latest generation AI-enabled software that instantly provides you with actionable OCT and angiographic insights, enabling PCI procedural efficiencies and better outcomes.3-7

Ultreon™ 1.0 Software

Ultreon 1.0 Software

Ultreon™ 1.0 Software is the first generation of AI-enabled software for imaging and physiology with automated calcium and EEL detection to assess morphology and vessel sizing and user-friendly step-by-step MLD MAX workflow guidance to optimize stent placement.8


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