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Ultreon™ 2.0 Software Workflow Videos

Dive into easy-to-follow videos and master the full potential of Ultreon™ 2.0 Software. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, these step-by-step videos will guide you through the MLD MAX workflow and other key features of the software, helping you streamline your workflow.

How to customize your physician profile and preferences to suit your needs best

Customize physician settings

How to assess morphology and coronary calcium

Morphology with Ultreon 2.0 Software

How to plan stent sizing for length and diameter

Select the right stent size

How to use dynamic angio (live angio and angio co-registration view side-by-side) to place your stent precisely where you planned it

Dynamic angio

How to optimize stent placement for Medial Dissection, Apposition and Xpansion (MAX) using the Flexible Mode

Post PCI optimization

How to use 3D bifurcation mode to analyze complex cases

3d Bifurcation

How to compare pullbacks to see “before” and “after”

Compare pullbacks

How can Ultreon™ 2.0 Software support PCI: An interview with Dr. Kevin Croce

MAT-2200430 v1.0