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How to set up and pair your Merlin@home transmitter

Make sure you have the setup guide instructions specific to your transmitter. You should have received these with your Merlin@home™ transmitter, or you can search for them on our manuals site.

There are several ways you can connect your Merlin@home transmitter to your doctor or clinic. When first setting up your transmitter you can choose to connect it via a standard telephone line, a wireless cellular adapter, or a broadband internet kit (connecting to your home Wi-Fi‡).

Choose whichever connection method allows for a reliable connection based upon your circumstances.


Place your transmitter on a table or nightstand within 6 feet of your bed.

Follow the instructions specific to the connection method you choose; cellular, telephone, or wireless broadband (Wi-Fi).

Step 1


Watch how to set up your transmitter with a cellular adapter.

Cellular Adapter Setup


View how to set up your transmitter via a telephone line.



View how to set up your transmitter via a wireless broadband connection.

Wireless Broadband Kit (Wi-Fi) Setup

Plug the transmitter power supply into the wall electrical outlet. The green power light comes on. Keep the transmitter plugged in. Note: If the green power light does not come on, contact your clinic.

Step 2
Merlin@home Powered on

While the transmitter is powering on, the progress lights move from left to right. The icons might light up.

Step 3
Merlin@home Progress Lights

To pair your device, do the following:

Step 2

If this is the first time you are setting up the transmitter, wait until the Read icon lights up, progress lights blink, and beeping starts.

Merlin@home Pairing Device

Make sure you are within 1 foot of the transmitter. Make sure no one else with an Abbott implant is nearby. Face the transmitter and quickly press and release the Start button. The transmitter will beep.

Merlin@home Start Button

The Read icon lights up when the transmitter reads your implant. It will stop flashing but remains lit while the transmitter reads your device and the progress lights will move left to right. Stay close to the transmitter.

Merlin@home Read Icon

The Tower icon lights up when the transmitter contacts your doctor or clinic. This process can take up to 15 minutes. You do not need to remain nearby during this process.

Merlin@home Tower Icon

The Stars icon lights up when your setup is finished. The Stars icon remains lit for approximately 3 minutes.

Merlin@home Stars Icon

Pairing should be complete! Leave the transmitter in place and plugged in indefinitely.


If you get one of these Read/Send error combinations, pairing may not be complete. See the troubleshooting page.

If the transmitter is not paired with your implanted device or your clinic profile, then the pairing process is not complete.

Merlin@home Can't Read Error

An error is indicated with all progress lights flashing together.

Merlin@home Can't Send Error

Leave the transmitter in place and plugged in. Make sure the front of the transmitter faces where you sleep.


Depending on the transmitter provided by your doctor or clinic you can access the setup guide, quick start guide, and manuals here:

Model EX1150 and EX1150W

  • Merlin@home™ Transmitter Model EX1150 Set-Up Guide for Wireless Broadband
  • Merlin@home™ Transmitter Model EX1150 Quick Start Guide
  • Merlin@home™ Transmitter Model EX1150, EX1150W User’s Manual (ES and EN)

Model EX1100 and EX1100W

  • Merlin@home™ Transmitter Model EX1100 Set Up Guide
  • Merlin@home™ Transmitter Model EX1100 Quick Start Guide
  • Merlin@home™ Transmitter Model EX1100, EX1100W User’s Manual (ES and EN)

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