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Merlin@home Transmitter

What is the Merlin@home transmitter?

If you have been provided with a remote care Merlin@home™ transmitter you can securely transmit data from your Abbott implanted cardiac device to your doctor or clinic without having to visit in person.

The Merlin@home transmitter is a bedside home monitor that is provided post-implant to perform remote follow-up. The transmitter is designed to allow information from your device to be sent to your doctor or clinic without you having to go into the office.

This device can:

  • Read data from your implanted device and send data from your home.
  • Send automatic transmissions on a schedule determined by your doctor or clinic so that you don’t have to worry about the data being sent.
  • Send a manual transmission when it is requested by your doctor or clinic.
  • Allow your doctor or clinic the opportunity to receive timely information via our™ Patient Care Network (the portal for your doctor or clinic).

How the Merlin@home transmitter works

The Merlin@home transmitter (EX1150) can perform the following functions:

While your transmitter checks your device, it will continue to work normally.

The transmitter collects a variety of information from your implanted device and sends it to a secure server where your doctor or clinic can view the information.

The transmitter sends a device report to Patient Care Network (PCN) after collecting information from your implanted device. This information includes:

  • Device type and serial number
  • Device settings
  • Device event history (what has happened since the last follow-up session)
  • Device battery status

What does your doctor or clinic do with the data they receive?

The information collected from your implanted device is sent to your doctor or clinic using a secure transmission from the Merlin@home transmitter. Each doctor or clinic manages their patients’ data differently.

Your doctor or clinic reviews the key elements of the data to make sure your device is working properly, regularly recording and transmitting data about your heart, and battery information.

Merlin@home transmitter models

You may have one of two transmitter models: RF Merlin@home transmitter EX1150 or Inductive Merlin@home Transmitter EX1100.


Merlin@home RF Transmitter EX1150


Wirelessly records data from your implanted cardiac device as long as you are within 6-10 feet (depending on your connection method) of the Merlin@home device while resting or sleeping.

Once recorded the Merlin@home EX1150 automatically transmits the data from your implanted device according to the schedule set by your doctor or clinic.


View the Manual: Merlin@home Transmitter Model EX1150, EX1150W

Merlin@home Transmitter

Merlin@home Inductive Transmitter EX1100


The Merlin@home EX1100 model does not support automatic reading, recording, or transmission of data from your implanted device.

For your doctor or clinic to receive information about how your device is performing you will need to perform a manual recording of your device’s data.

After performing a manual recording of your device’s data, you will use the transmitter to send that data to your doctor or clinic.


View the Manual: Merlin@home Transmitter Model EX1100, EX1100W

Merlin@home Transmitter

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