Acute Circulatory Support System with Full MagLev Flow Technology

CentriMag Acute Mechanical Circulatory Support System

CentriMag Pre-connected Pack

Experience the convenience of The CentriMag Pre-connected™ Pack. Driven by the Full MagLev™ Flow Technology of the CentriMag System, it combines convenience and patient safety for a comprehensive option for Cardiopulmonary Bypass (CPB).

CentriMag Rack

Features and Benefits

  • Fast and efficient set-up and priming for quick initiation of support.
  • Reduced hemodilution with a low priming volume.
  • Capable of supporting blood flows up to 7 L/min.
  • All components of the circuit provided are sterile and disposable.
CentriMag preconnected pack diagram

This pack includes:


  1. Priming Bag
  2. Tubing Tray
  3. PC Coated Tubing
  4. CentriMag Adult Oxygenator
  5. CentriMag Blood Pump


  1. Cutter (1)
  2. Tie Bands (8)
  3. High-Flow Pigtails with 3-Way Stopcock (4)
  4. 3/8 Inch Connectors with Luer (2)
  5. Gas Line (1)
  6. Tubing Clamps (5)

Phosphorylcholine coated tubing, connectors and PMP fiber oxygenator.

Blood path fully coated with phosphorylcholine (PC) coating

PC creates a permanent water barrier between blood and the oxygenator surface that minimizes thrombus formation and promotes resistance to bacterial adhesion.3

Phosphorylcholine (PC) coating creates water barrier to minimize thrombosis and reduce bacterial adhesion

The CentriMag Adult Oxygenator also features an integrated stainless steel heat exchanger.

Integrated heat-exchanger maximizes heat exchange efficiency

The integrated heat exchanger is:

  • Made of stainless steel for high heat conductivity
  • Non-porous to eliminate risk of bacterial infection or any other potential contamination
  • Corrugated to increase surface area for efficient heat exchange
AMG PMP Oxygenator Integrated Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
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