Acute Circulatory Support System with Full MagLev Flow Technology



AMG PMP Oxygenators

Designed for hemocompabitiltity, Abbott’s portfolio of AMG PMP Oxygenators utilizes microporous polymethylpentene (PMP) hollow fibers coated with a propriety phosphorylcholine (PC) coating to promote low thrombogenicity and inflammatory responses. They also feature integrated, stainless steel heat exchangers for blood temperature management, low priming volumes and reliable gas exchange performance.

CentriMag System Transporter

Get patients where they need to be with the next generation CentriMag™ System Transporter. This compact form provides the durability and protection needed to safely transport patients inside or outside the hospital and the versatility to adapt to your transport needs.

  • Ability to hold core components including console, pump/motor and oxygenator for convenient transport
  • Collapsible rail hooks and detachable sides for placement flexibility
  • Compact design for convenient fit into air or ground ambulance
  • No ground plate required; CentriMag™ Pump impeller maintains its orientation automatically through Full MagLev™ Flow Technology
  • Machined aluminum oxygenator bracket, compatible with all Eurosets AMG PMP Oxygenators and available only from Abbott
  • Built on 10 years of transport data with the CentriMag™ Acute Circulatory Support System1
CentriMag Acute Circulatory System Transporter

CentriMag System Cannula Kits

Designed for optimal flow characteristics that minimize thrombus formation based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, the CentriMag System surgical cannulas are the only VAD cannulas approved for 30-day use*.

CentriMag 34 FR Drainage (Venous) Cannula Kit

The CentriMag 34 FR drainage (venous) cannula kit features:

  • Malleable wire-reinforced cannula and tip
  • Stabilizer rings to prevent cannula crimping
  • Radiopaque tip marker
  • Minimal cannula tip stasis
  • Color coded blue for easy identification
  • Comes complete with adaptors that make it versatile for use in various types of access (not for percutaneous use)
CentriMag Drainage Venous Cannula Kit

CentriMag 24 FR (Return) Arterial Cannula Kit

The CentriMag 24 FR (return) arterial cannula kit features:

  • Kink resistant wire reinforced cannula
  • Convenient depth markers on tip
  • Flexibility for direct or over-the-wire placement
  • Color coding (red) for easy identification of return
  • Accessories that make it suitable for a number or types of access (not for percutaneous use)
CentriMag Return Arterial Cannula Kit
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AMG PMP Oxygenator and Oxygenator Holder manufactured by Eurosets s.r.l., and distributed by Abbott.

*PMA approval for 30-day use of CentriMag™ System components include: CentriMag™ Pump, CentriMag™ Console, CentriMag™ Motor, Mag Monitor, flow probe, and CentriMag™ Drainage Cannula and CentriMag™ Return Cannula. Optional accessories include: CentriMag™ System Cart, CentriMag™ System Transporter and Pressure Transducer. PMA approval for 30-day use of CentriMag™ System excludes: PediMag™ Blood Pump and any other pediatric components or accessories.



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