Setting the Pace with 

AVEIR™ Leadless Pacemakers

Single and Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker Systems, only from Abbott

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Bridge Therapy

AVEIR™ VR LP is an appropriate choice for patients indicated for permanent pacing but who may need temporary or interim pacing support following certain types of procedures like laser lead extractions (LLEs) and TAVR. For these patients, AVEIR offers: 

  • Long-term retrievability - The device can be removed at end of service (EOS) without leaving hardware behind.1
  • An upgradeable system - The LP device can be upgraded to dual chamber pacing by adding an atrial implant and paired via i2i™ communication to establish AV synchrony.

Symptomatic AV Block

For patients with symptomatic AV block who have persistent atrial fibrillation (AF) or other atrial tachyarrhythmia (AT), AVEIR VR LP can provide: 

  • Pacing support for AV block.
  • Long-term retrievable in the event of disease progression.
  • An upgradeable system - The LP device can be upgraded to dual chamber pacing by adding an atrial implant and paired via i2i communication to establish AV synchrony.

Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

Patients in this category may experience symptomatic pauses secondary to persistent or chronic atrial fibrillation, slow ventricular response or malignant tachy-brady syndrome, severe comorbidities like end-stage kidney disease1 (ESKD), or access and mobility problems that would support leadless pacing as the preferred pacing option.

AVEIR VR LP is an appropriate option for these patients because: 

  • No AV synchrony required with this indication.
  • Addresses access concerns.
  • Eliminates risk of lead complications and pocket infection.1




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For additional information about specific MR Conditional, including warnings, precautions, adverse conditions to MRI scanning and potential adverse events, please refer to the MRI-Ready Leadless Systems Manual at or check our MRI-Ready resources at

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