The Amplatzer™ Family of Vascular Plugs

Amplatzer™ Vascular Plug 4 (AVP 4)


Sizing and Device Selection1

amplatzer vascular plug 4 sizing


A - Vascular Plug Diameter

B - Unconstrained Length

Device DimensionsVessel Size
Model/ Reorder NumberVascular Plug Diameter [A]Unconstrained Length  [B]Product Description*Treatable Vessel Diameter Range
9-AVP038-0044 mm10.0 mmAVP 4 - 4mm x 10.0mm2.5-3.0 mm
9-AVP038-0055 mm10.5 mmAVP 4 - 5mm x 10.5mm3.5-4.0 mm
9-AVP038-0066 mm11.0 mmAVP 4 - 6mm x 11.0mm4.0-4.5 mm
9-AVP038-0077 mm12.5 mmAVP 4 - 7mm x 12.5mm4.5-5.5 mm
9-AVP038-0088 mm13.5 mmAVP 4 - 8mm x 13.5mm5.5-6.0 mm


 Treatable vessel diameter range based on the devices Instructions for Use to select a plug that is oversized by approximately 30-50% at the occlusion site.
* Each Amplatzer™ Vascular Plug 4 comes pre-loaded and packaged on an 0.038" x 155cm-long PTFE-coated delivery wire.

Amplatzer™ Family of Vascular Plugs

Amplatzer™ Vascular Plug (AVP)

Amplatzer™ Vascular Plug II (AVP II)

Amplatzer™ Vascular Plug 4 (AVP 4)


  1. Amplatzer™ Vascular Plug 4 – Instructions for Use

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