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  Beyond Intervention Year 3 Report: Enhancing Positive Outcomes for Patients

Key findings from our 2023 research push us to consider which new technologies and approaches can help us better manage post-procedure care for people with vascular diseases.

  Beyond Intervention Year 2 Report: Improving Patient Experience By Addressing Unmet Needs In Vascular Disease

The key findings from our 2021 research highlight one crucial truth: the patient experience may not be as good as administrators and physicians think it is.

  Addressing Racial and Gender Bias in Cardiovascular Care Supplement

Did you know women with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) report poorer clinical outcomes and patient experience compared to their male counterparts? It’s time to change that.

  PAD Year 2 Supplement: The PAD Patient Journey is More Difficult – Especially for Underserved Populations, People with Diabetes, and Women

Vascular diseases impact patients differently. Our study confirmed that PAD patients tend to have a significantly more difficult journey than their CAD counterparts. Underserved patients are also disproportionally impacted. These challenges have the potential to produce severe consequences such as amputations.

  Beyond Intervention Year 1 Report: Personalized Vascular Care Through Technological Innovation

Our 2020 white paper examined a cross-section of the global health care system with over 1,400 respondents including patients, physicians, and administrators to identify how to unlock innovation. Consensus showed that data was the key:

  • 92% of patients think that sharing their personal health information is important for future generations.
  • 88% of physicians prioritize having patient history information, but only 30% report the ability to easily access it.1
  • 55% of administrators think technology can improve decision making at diagnosis.


  1. Tracey Walker, “Survey Uncovers Key Gaps in Provider Access to Patient Data" Managed Healthcare Executive, May 4, 2018

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