Coroventis CoroFlow Cardiovascular System

Used with Abbott's PressureWire™ X Guidewire, the Only Solution for the Cath Lab Able to Detect Both Epicardial Disease and Microvascular Dysfunction1-3

For a Comprehensive Physiology Diagnosis

Coroventis CoroFlow Cardiovascular System is an advanced platform to measure physiological indices: fractional flow reserve (FFR) and resting full-cycle ratio (RFR) to assess epicardial vessels; plus coronary flow reserve (CFR) and index of microcirculatory resistance (IMR) to assess microcirculation. This system is designed specifically to communicate with Abbott’s wireless PressureWire™ X Guidewire.

The CoroFlow Cardiovascular System is capable of calculating and displaying hemodynamic measurements in both epicardial vessels and coronary microvasculature. More specifically, 50-65% of patients with angina with non-obstructive coronary artery disease (NOCAD) are believed to have Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction (CMD).4 Give patients a clear diagnosis of CMD and take the first step to improve their quality of life.2

Coroflow Coroventis screen
Lab integration with the Coroventis‡ CoroFlow‡ Cardiovascular System
Coroventis mobile cart

Providing Hemodynamic Data for Entire Coronary Vasculature

Coroventis CoroFlow Cardiovascular System provides physiology data for vessel characteristics throughout the entire coronary vasculature.

Assessing microvasculature—coronary flow reserve (CFR) and index of microvascular resistance (IMR)—with the Coroventis‡ CoroFlow‡ Cardiovascular System
FFR and RFR™ assess epicardial hemodynamics; IMR and CFR assess coronary microvascular dysfunction

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