TREK™ & MINI TREK™ Coronary Dilatation Catheters


Designed with Smooth Transitions for Challenging Anatomy

TREK™ Coronary Dilatation Catheter’s unique design provides smooth transitions from hub to tip.

  • Transitionless tip
  • Flexible distal shaft
  • Multi-layer CrossFlex²* balloon and Slim Seal** technology

Mini Trek™ Coronary Dilatation Catheter Indicated for Treatment of De Novo Chronic Total Occlusions

MINI TREK™ Coronary Dilatation Catheter’s ultra low profile design enables lesion access.

  • Small chassis designed distinctively for MINI TREK™ Coronary Dilatation Catheter
  • Available in sizes as small as 1.20 mm

Hypotube Design

Skive design provides smooth transition between hypotube and distal shaft.

Hypotube Design

Transitionless Tip

Confident crossing in resistant lesions.

Transitionless Tip

Slim Seal** Technology

Provides reduced wall thickness for flexibility and low tip crossing profiles.

Slim Seal Technology

Flexible Tungsten Markers

Radiopaque flexible markers for confident placement.

Flexible Tungsten Markers

Multi-layer Crossflex²* Balloon

Thin, multi-layer balloon technology provides low crossing profiles for access to complex lesions and a tri-fold design†† for excellent re-wrap.

Crossflex Balloon

Technical Information

Trek™ & Mini Trek™ Coronary Dilatation Catheters
Nominal Pressure (NP)8 atm
Rated Burst Pressure (RBP)14 atm
Tip Entry Profile0.017 in (3.00 mm Ø)
Tip Crossing Profile0.021 in average (3.00 mm Ø)
0.023 in maximum
Folded Balloon Crossing Profile0.032 in average (3.00 mm Ø)
0.036 in maximum (3.00 mm Ø)
Refolded Balloon Crossing Profile0.056 in maximum (3.00 mm Ø)
RX Notch Diameter (For RX Platform)2.5 French average (3.00 mm Ø)
2.7 French maximum (all Ø)
Tip Length<3 mm
Balloon MaterialPebax, semi-compliant
Marker MaterialFlexible Tungsten/Pebax
Catheter Length145 cm
Balloon CoatingHydrophilic
Minimum Guide Catheter5 French (1.20 mm – 4.00 mm Ø)
6 French (4.50 mm & 5.00 mm Ø)
Maximum Guide Wire Compatibility0.014 in
Latex FreeYes



Ordering Information

Broad Size Matrix with 77 RX Sizes and 75 OTW Sizes

Ordering Information Matrix

Compliance Chart

Ordering Information Compliance Chart

Data on file at Abbott.
**Slim Seal technology available on 2.0 mm – 3.75 mm balloon sizes.
Single marker on all 6 mm lengths and 1.20 – 1.50 mm diameters (all lengths). Dual markers on all other sizes.
*CrossFlex2 technology available on 2.25 mm – 5.0 mm balloon sizes.
††Tri-fold design for 2.00 mm – 4.00 mm diameters. Bi-fold design for 1.20 mm & 1.50 mm diameters.

MAT-2111436 v1.0