CardioMEMS HF System

For pulmonary artery pressure monitoring

About the CardioMEMS HF System

The CardioMEMS™ HF System allows clinicians to monitor heart failure patients’ pulmonary artery (PA) pressure for proactive and actionable heart failure (HF) management and treatment. With early indications of worsening heart failure, you can remotely make adjustments to care to help slow the progression of heart failure, often before patients feel symptoms.

The CardioMEMS HF System is proven to:

  • Aid physicians in preventing worsening heart failure1, lowering mortality rates and improving survival2,3,4
  • Significantly reduce heart failure hospitalizations3,5
  • Improve quality of life in New York Heart Association (NYHA) Class III patients hospitalized for heart failure in the previous 12 months6
CardioMEMS HF System Product Information

CardioMEMS HF System Product Information


CardioMEMS HF System Indications and Usage: The CardioMEMS HF System is indicated for wirelessly measuring and monitoring pulmonary artery pressure and heart rate in NYHA Class II or III heart failure patients who either have been hospitalized for heart failure in the previous year and/or have elevated natriuretic peptides. The hemodynamic data are used by physicians for heart failure management with the goal of controlling pulmonary artery pressures and reducing heart failure hospitalizations.


The CardioMEMS HF System is contraindicated for patients with an inability to take dual antiplatelet or anticoagulants for one month post implant.

CardioMEMS HF System Clinical Evidence

Multiple clinical trials have evaluated the safety and effectiveness of the CardioMEMS HF System. For a deep dive into the clinical data, visit the Clinical Evidence and Journal Article information.

Key Clinical Outcomes

Reduction in Heart Failure Hospitalizations for HFpEF Patients7

Reduction in Heart Failure Hospitalizations for HFpEF Patients

Outstanding Safety Data

Outstanding Safety Data

Improved Survival2,3,4

Improved Survival

CardioMEMS HF System Education and Training

For safe and reliable HF management with the CardioMEMS HF System, we provide comprehensive educational resources. The following are designed to help you and your patients better understand patient selection, implantation and care.

Reimbursement & Coding Highlights

Our full reimbursement resource documents provide information about coverage, coding and payment, denied claims and supporting documentation for the CardioMEMS HF System.

For the full resource list, visit Reimbursement & Coding for the CardioMEMS HF System.

Reimbursement & Coding

Reimbursement & Coding

Manuals & Resources

Manuals & Resources

Customer Service

Customer Service


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