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Our approach to technology empowers physicians to meet today's challenges by never compromising performance or accuracy. With EnSite™ X EP System and EnSite™ Omnipolar Technology (OT), we've introduced features that redefine the EP lab.

What is Omnipolar Technology?

EnSite Omnipolar Technology accelerates diagnosis and treatment decisions by providing a new way to calculate bipolar electrograms that are independent from catheter-wavefront orientation. OT, in combination with EnSite™ LiveView Dynamic Display, provides instantaneous beat-by-beat visualization of activation direction and maximum voltage calculated in 360 degrees for accurate, high-density mapping.


What is EnSite™ OT Near Field?

Further building on the EnSite Omnipolar Technology revolution, EnSite OT Near Field is a new mapping technology that automates point annotation by isolating true localized signals.

  • Simple, objective and automated assessment of near field signals
  • Gain unique insights on a substrate and tissue contact with new peak frequency data points
  • Streamline map interpretation by emphasizing key information in related data sets
NF OT Image


Introducing EnSite™ VoXel Mode

What is VoXel?

In computer graphics, a voxel is a three-dimensional (3D) point in space.

What is EnSite VoXel Mode?

EnSite VoXel Mode allows user to collect modeling data using magnetic-based coordinates to provide accurate and linear visualization.

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