EnSite Connected Care

Connect to the Future of Healthcare with EnSite Connected Care

The first-of-its-kind EnSite™ Connected Care solution combines two novel tools - EnSite™ Connect Remote Support and Medinbox. This combination of tools connects you to a new level of support, elevates your EP lab efficiency, eliminates time constraints, and joins you to a global community through the ability to stream cases.


Connect to a New Level of Support

Optimize your experience, through remote access, to highly advanced mapping support through enhanced remote support capabilities with real time audio and video functionality.

                                    Elevate Your EP Lab Efficiency

Avoid downtime in the EP Lab through immediate connection to technical support specialists and troubleshoot with live remote support.* Get the latest software and cybersecurity updates with over-the-air delivery of technical releases. Gain the freedom to add on cases without compromising efficiency.

Join a Global Community of EP Case Streaming

Connect with medical experts worldwide by engaging in live consultation** for procedural collaboration. Expand your EP lab’s network by delivering live, highly customizable professional education experiences and elevate your presence to a global, connected community. You can broadcast live to a global community of physicians in real-time and securely*** share best practices like never before.

An Integrated Audiovisual System

For procedural remote support, technical support and live education

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop

EnSite Connect Remote Support enables remote desktop access to the EnSite™ X EP System



Audio captured with Medinbox headsets allows for conversations between physician, lab staff, and remote audience



Medinbox provides additional video display of fluoro, ICE, maps, & recording system inputs, as well as video of room view for remote viewers

An Integrated Audiovisual System for procedural remote support, technical support and live education

How it works: EnSite Connected Care
Watch this overview of how EnSite Connect Remote Support and Medinbox work together to create a connected EP lab.

EnSite Connect Remote Support


EnSite Connect Remote Support is a software solution that can be used by trained Abbott personnel to provide remote support for the EnSite X EP System.

  • Clinical expertise delivered to anywhere in the world to improve case coverage satisfaction.
  • Assurance in case interpretation, mapping control and guidance provided by advanced mappers.
  • Provide educational opportunities for lab staff and educate local teams via remote guidance.
  • Alleviate scheduling constraints, gain access to remote mapping support and the freedom to add on cases without compromising efficiency.
EnSite X EP System with EnSite Connect Remote Support

Case video: Leveraging New Remote Support Workflows with EnSite X EP System
Watch Dr. Dale Yoo talk about why remote support for mapping matters with EnSite X EP System.


Medinbox is an integrated audiovisual solution that allows for procedural remote support, technical support, and live education. Medinbox is the ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION for EP labs to record and share live case streams – giving physicians full autonomy for recording and sharing their procedures.


Medinbox Facilitates

Remote Support


Technical Support

Remote Support

Live education and broadcasting


Medinbox Capabilities 

    • User-friendly interface
    • Crystal clear 2-way communication & integrated intercom
    • UHD video
    • Up to 6 inputs + camera
    • Fully customizable window presets
    • Remote control of the system (layout/camera control)
    • Confidentiality & anonymization of patient data (HIPAA/GDPR compliancy)
    • Quick setup

    EnSite Connected Care


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    * Medinbox is not required for EnSite Connect Remote Support troubleshooting or mapper support
    ** All clinical decisions for diagnosis and treatment are solely the responsibility of the attending physician. Live consultations are not a professional service arrangement conducted on Abbott’s behalf. All consultative services as noted here are intended for physician driven events.
    *** Medinbox and EnSite Connect Remote Support are HIPAA/GDPR compliant tools

    MAT-2206630 v2.0