EnSite X EP System

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

The EnSite™ X EP System is comprised of multiple components including the EnSite™ X Amplifier, EnSite™ X Display Workstation, EnSite™ X Field Frame, EnSite™ X Monitor, front and back EnSite™ X Patient Reference Sensors (PRS), accessories pack, amplifier external power module and 20-pin catheter input module. Additional customization options are available at install. Additional system and disposable components and expansion modules commonly used with the system are listed below.

Reorder Information

Reorder NumberDescription
ENSITE-CFLF-01Contact Force LSI-FTI SW License

System Components

System ComponentsDescription
ENSITE-PRSBACK-01Patient Reference Sensor (PRS) [3 sensors, includes cable]
ENSITE-PRSFRNT-01Patient Reference Sensor (PRS) [1 sensor, includes cable]

Disposable Components

Disposable ComponentsDescription
ENSITE-SEK-5-I-01EnSite X EP System Surface Electrode Kit

Software Upgrade

Model NumberDescription
ENSITE-SW-2.0.1EnSite™ X Software Version 2 - Includes EnSite™ LiveView Dynamic Display License

Software Licenses

System ComponentsDescription
ENSITE-AM-2.0Advanced Mapping Software License - Includes EnSite™ Omnipolar Technology, EnSite™ OT Near Field and Wave Speed Licenses
ENSITE-D-AM-2.0Demo Advanced Mapping Software License

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