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Powerful. Reliable. Efficient.

We create bold solutions to challenge AFib. You rely on technology bold enough not to compromise between efficiency and accuracy. With this technology that boldly redefines the EP Lab, you can elevate your practice and meet today’s challenges.

Revolutionize high-density cardiac mapping with the EnSite™ X EP System and EnSite™ Omnipolar Technology (OT) and EnSite™ OT Near Field – a next generation 3D mapping platform created to give you a POWERFUL, RELIABLE and EFFICIENT user experience for every procedure.

Map Any Arrhythmia Without Compromise

Introduction to EnSite X EP System and EnSite OT



Unleash the power of the Advisor™ HD Grid Mapping Catheter, Sensor Enabled™ and EnSite OT to revolutionize high density mapping.

True Electrograms* with EnSite OT

  • Identify true, local annotation-independent tissue characteristics1
  • See every signal in 360 degrees, capturing signals that no other mapping technology can see**
  • Gain instant new perspective of wavefront direction with activation direction arrows displayed beat by beat
  • Enhance map accuracy with 3x increase in point density per acquisition1***
EnSite Electrogram

Trust your Map: Ablate Where it Matters

  • With EnSite™ X Software Version 2, EnSite X EP System is the first and only system to annotate early and late omnipolar signals
  • Deliver more confident insights by revealing localized electrical specificity automatically with EnSite™ OT Near Field
PVI with Peak Frequency and Emphasis Maps
Validate pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) with Peak Frequency and Emphasis Maps, differentiating between PV gaps and far field components instantly.

AFib is a growing crisis in Electrophysiology (EP). This condition affects more than 37 million people.2 We create bold solutions to challenge AFib. This is a suite technology that boldly redefines the EP Lab. Clinical support that elevates your practice to meet today’s challenges. It is a partnership to drive impact and grow the EP community.


Trust Model and Location Accuracy Over Time

EnSite X Cardiac Voxel Map Comparison A
CT Image
EnSite X Cardiac Voxel Map Comparison B
Model accuracy with EnSite VoXel Mode


Overcome stability challenges with changes in patient management and EP lab environment variables, using the EnSite™ VoXel Mode.

  • Minimize case disruption due to patient movement, even after cardioversion
  • Accurately collect data throughout the procedure by reducing the impact of environmental changes caused by metal distortion


Cleaner maps with automatic removal of outliers - your map is ready faster with EnSite™ X Software Version 2 and outlier filtering that reduces editing time.

EnSite X Map with Outlier Filter Off
Outlier Filter Off
EnSite X Map with Outlier Filter On
Outlier Filter On

Connect To the Future
of Healthcare

EnSite™ Connected Care



Get in and out of your lab faster with software and hardware designed for efficiency.

  • Reduce the number of connections by up to 50% to facilitate a faster, easier system setup
  • 94% of operators saw improved system usability with an optimized software user interface3
  • 93% of users agreed the new system setup allows for faster troubleshooting and minimized downtime3
 Two EnSite X EP System Carts and Component Closeup

A System Built to Last

  • Next generation platform with annual software release cadence
  • Enhanced cybersecurity capabilities including access restrictions, white listing and strengthened patient data protection
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Manuals & Resources

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Cardiovascular Products

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*EnSite Omnipolar Technology captures true signals independent of catheter orientation relative to the wavefront.
**Every signal can be defined as any signal seen on the RAI window recorded by the Advisor™ HD Grid Mapping Catheter, Sensor Enabled™ when the map polarity is set to omnipolar.
***As compared to the use of traditional bipole mapping.
Reduction of connections from the patient connecting to the amplifier from 55 (EnSite Precision™ Cardiac Mapping System) to 25 (EnSite™ X EP System) for an AF case.


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MAT-2109938 v3.0