Herculink Elite™ Rapid Exchange Renal Stent System

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Herculink Elite

Deliverability and reliability.

Excellent strength, visibility, and deliverability to the renal arteries.

Outstanding design

  • Rapid exchange delivery system for single-operator use
  • 6F guide compatibility for all stent diameters (4 mm - 7 mm) and lengths (12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm)
  • Cobalt chromium multi-link technology that provides strength and excellent visibility
  • Remarkably thin struts with outstanding radial strength

Outstanding performance1

  • 74.3% of patients had a reduction in systolic blood pressure at 3 years
  • 10.5% restenosis at 9 months

Low Restenosis1

Primary Endpoint

10.5% 9-Month Binary Restenosis

Mean SBP Reduced at 1 Month and Remained Low at 3 Years1

Mean SBP Reduced at 1 Month - Remained Low at 3 Years

Excellent Freedom from TLR1

Excellent Freedom from TLR

Reduced Systolic Blood Pressure

74.3% of patients had a reduction in systolic blood pressure at 3 years1

Stent Compliance Label (CE)

Stent Compliance Chart

Data on file at Abbott.


  1. Chrysant, George S., et al. Proper Patient Selection Yields Significant and Sustained Reduction in Systolic Blood Pressure Following Renal Artery Stenting in Patients With Uncontrolled Hypertension: Long-Term Results From the HERCULES Trial. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, 2014 July.

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