PressureWire™ X Guidewire

For Wireless Physiology

PressureWire X Guidewire

System Components For Wireless Physiology

PressureWire™ X Guidewire1

  • PressureWire™ X Guidewire is the world's only wireless physiology wire that takes only 2 steps to connect2
  • Advanced radio technology for secure communication
  • Hydrophilic-coated guidewire design for exceptional handling performance

The PressureWire™ X Guidewire is compatible with the following:

PressureWire X

The PressureWire™ X Guidewire in the Cath Lab

The PressureWire™ X Guidewire In The Cath Lab

Secure Communication1

The PressureWire™ Transmitter and Receiving System lock to each other at calibration using a unique identification code. The receiver cannot receive signal from any other PressureWire™ X Guidewire used simultaneously in the same environment.

Other elements to ensure secure communication include the following:

  • The system uses advanced frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology and very low radio power to avoid interfering with or being disturbed by other systems in the cardiac cath lab.
  • Mobile phones, computer networks or x-ray equipment will not disturb the radio signal.
  • The PressureWire™ X Guidewire uses extremely low transmitted radio power—1,000 to 10,000 times lower than the power from a normal cellular phone—to reduce the possibility of disturbing other systems.
  • The PressureWire™ X Guidewire has passed all radio acceptance tests by US FCC.


* Pa: proximal coronary pressure; Pd: distal coronary pressure


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