QUANTIEN™ Integrated Measurement System



The QUANTIEN™ Integrated Measurement System, with its wireless design, frees the cardiac cath lab from cables. The QUANTIEN™ system offers users full integration without time-consuming setup or lab downtime.

Easy Integration Into the Cardiac Cath Lab

The QUANTIEN system provides flexibility with easy installation, no clutter from cables in either floor or ceiling, and the ability for physicians to configure the cath lab environment exactly as needed. Used with the Wi-Box™ unit and the PressureWire™ X Guidewire the QUANTIEN™ system’s main unit can be set up as a built-in or as a mobile device anywhere in the cath lab. These options can free up valuable table space and allow control by either sterile- or nonsterile-dressed staff.

Cardiac Cath Lab

Enhanced Diagnostic Documentation

The QUANTIEN™ system provides clear, concise documentation when assessing complex coronary disease using FFR or RFR. The system is designed to offer physicians the greatest practical advantages when performing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

Source: QUANTIEN Measurement System IFU.

MAT-2115056 v1.0