PressureWire™ X Guidewire

For Wireless Physiology

PressureWire X Guidewire

Ordering The PressureWire™ X Guidewire

ProductModel / Reorder Number
PressureWire™ X Guidewire, 175 cmC12059
PressureWire™ X Cabled Guidewire, 175 cmC12009
PressureWire™ X Guidewire, 300 cmC12359


Compatibility with hemodynamic systems: Contact your Abbott Sales Representative


Technical Specifications  (Specifications for the combination of PressureWire™ X Guidewire)
Pressure range-30 to +300 mmHg
Pressure accuracy≤2 mmHg or ±2%
Battery time transmitter3 hours
Frequency range2.4000-2.4835 GHz (ISM band)
Radio typeFrequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
Radio power1 mW peak, 70 μW average
Total signal time delay< 28 ms



PressureWire™ X Guidewire Instructions for Use (IFU). Refer to IFU for more information.

MAT-2303966 v1.0