Cardiac Leads

Our lead portfolio is built on years of proven reliable lead technology. We design for superb deliverability, stability and performance.

Durata Defibrillation Lead

Designed to offer high-performance handling and more control at implant, the Durata™ defibrillation lead is a cardiac lead that has a proven structural design for reliability2,3 and long-term durability.4 The Durata lead is designed to deal with challenging ICD lead cases, including cases requiring multi-lead systems, lead replacement or with patients who have small or tortuous veins.

Quartet Quadripolar LV Lead

The Quartet™ quadripolar LV lead offers superb deliverability with exceptional stability and performance. With four electrodes and up to 14 pacing configurations, the quadripolar system enables left ventricular (LV) pacing at the preferred site without compromising lead stability.¹

Tendril Pacing Leads

The Tendril™ pacing lead family has helped to improve patient health and restore quality of life to thousands across the globe. The Tendril™ STS pacing lead is the most preferred Abbott active fixation lead.² Compatible with a 6F introducer, the Tendril STS lead has a thin profile, soft silicone tip and abrasion-resistant Optim™ lead insulation.³ Both the Tendril STS lead and the Tendril MRI™ lead are MR Conditional.

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These devices are commercially available for use in select international markets.


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