Defibrillation Leads


Designed to Meet Challenges with Durability

The Durata™ defibrillation lead is a cardiac lead designed to offer high-performance handling, more control at implant and a proven platform of long-term durability.

Lead Reliability with Optim Lead Insulation

The Durata defibrillation lead has a proven structural design. It uses Optim™ lead insulation — a unique material with excellent long-term durability— and thin, 7 Fr sizing, which better accommodates multiple leads in a single vessel.

The Durata defibrillation lead is designed to deal with challenging ICD lead cases, including cases requiring multi-lead systems, lead replacement or with patients who have small or tortuous veins.


Long-Term Performance

Durata defibrillation lead uses exclusive Optim lead insulation, a unique hybrid of silicone and polyurethane, designed to:

  • Minimize lead abrasion
  • Increase flexibility and lubricity
  • Provide lead-on-lead and lead-on-can abrasion resistance in multi-lead systems
  • Restrict tissue growth into shock coils, by utilizing flat-wire coils with silicone backfill

Research and more than 10 years of data has shown what defibrillation leads with Optim insulation offer:



from all-cause insulation abrasion2



from all-cause mechanical failure2

Confidence at Implant

The 7 Fr Durata lead helps physicians navigate challenging anatomy. It is lubricious and flexible — and it is the smallest ICD lead available today.

The Durata lead was designed to:

  • Improve passage through crowded veins
  • Provide more options for lead access in the smaller cephalic vein
  • Increase maneuverability in patients with small or tortuous veins
  • Accommodate multiple or pre-existing leads in a single vessel


The DF4 Connector Header Difference

The DF4 connector header has a single terminal pin connection, which decreases chances of lead-to-port mismatch. Fewer connections and setscrews lessen complexity, and the improved terminal pin visibility is designed to encourage proper lead connection.

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