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Pulmonary artery pressure monitoring

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If you have been diagnosed with heart failure, you may be a candidate for and benefit from a CardioMEMS™ HF System. This pulmonary artery (PA) pressure monitor can notify your doctor of changes in your condition, even before you experience symptoms. Find a clinic that can provide you with more information about the CardioMEMS HF System by entering your location information below.


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Clinics are listed in order of geographic proximity from the information entered in the locator. Abbott does not endorse any of the clinics on this locator, but merely provides them as a courtesy. Nor does Abbott represent that this is a full list of clinics in a particular location. Though Abbott attempts to regularly update the locator, the locator may not have the latest information regarding the clinic or provider, or availability of product. The clinics are included in the locator because they have ordered at least 3 CardioMEMS systems in total and at least one in the last year if an implanting center, or have requested inclusion and have managed at least 3 CardioMEMS patients in the last 12 months if a non-implanting center. The number of orders has been validated; the number of implants has not been validated. This locator includes US clinics only. No clinics or healthcare professionals (HCPs) have paid or received a fee to be listed, but some HCPs within the clinics on this locator may purchase products from Abbott, provide consulting services to Abbott, and/or may have a financial relationship with Abbott. The locator is not meant to be an endorsement for any particular clinic, nor does it represent the qualifications of the HCPs at the clinic. Abbott cannot provide medical advice regarding whether it’s appropriate for you to be implanted.

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