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Pulmonary artery pressure monitoring

Remote Monitoring to stay ahead of Heart Failure

Personal Stories for PA Pressure Monitoring

Hear from people with heart failure who have the CardioMEMS HF System

Looking to the Future: Beth’s CardioMEMS HF System Story

Heart failure had decreased the quality of Beth’s life, but that changed with the CardioMEMS™ HF System. She explains how the CardioMEMS HF System has given her care team more control over her medication, and how that control has helped prevent hospital visits so she can spend more time with family and friends. Watch Beth’s story in Spanish.

Renewed Energy and Peace of Mind: Iris’ CardioMEMS HF System Story

After receiving the CardioMEMS HF System, Iris has gained a better quality of life and peace of mind. She’s back to playing with her grandchildren and cheering for her favorite football team

Staying Involved with Life: Cynthia C’s CardioMEMS HF System Story

Cynthia explains how getting the CardioMEMS HF System has increased communication with her heart failure care team and given her a sense of reassurance and peace.

Enjoying his life and family: Ed's CardioMEMS HF System Story

Ed discusses how the CardioMEMS HF System helps his doctor better manage his heart failure, which allows him to spend less time in the hospital and more time with his family.

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