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Is heart failure preventing you from enjoying your life?

Talking to someone who is like you can be comforting and help you understand more about how to live your best life.

Patient Ambassadors are volunteers who are ready to share their real-life experiences with heart failure and answer questions about the solutions they use to manage it. Talking to someone who has experience with different devices can help answer questions you may have about living with those devices yourself. Feel empowered and speak to an Ambassador today.

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Meet an Ambassador

"I like the CardioMEMS Heart Failure System because I liken it to preventative medicine. As a dentist, I appreciate that I get a sort of check up every day and that has helped to keep me out of the hospital."

— Bob, Abbott Ambassador for CardioMEMS HF System

Watch Dr. Bob's story with heart failure

About Ambassadors and the Abbott Ambassador Program

Your discussion with an Ambassador is meant to be a one-on-one conversation with an actual patient who uses the CardioMEMS HF System or HeartMate LVAD, as applicable. Ambassadors are trained and advised not to disclose any information about you to Abbott or anyone else, but Abbott cannot guarantee that this disclosure will not happen. Therefore, please do not share any personal information about yourself with the Ambassador unless you wish to do so.

Abbott does not participate in or monitor your conversation with an Ambassador.

Ambassadors are not Abbott employees. Anything Ambassadors say during your conversation represents the beliefs of the Ambassador and does not necessarily represent the views of Abbott. Abbott encourages you to consider information about heart failure therapies carefully and discuss them with your doctor.

Abbott’s Heart Failure Ambassador Program is not intended to offer medical advice, counseling or technical support for Abbott products. For medical questions, please talk with your doctor. If you have an Abbott device and need technical support, please contact us.

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