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Pulmonary artery pressure monitoring

Setting up the Patient Electronics System

Set up the CardioMEMS™ Patient Electronics System in your bedroom or take it with you when you travel. Be aware that electric blankets and waterbeds can cause interference with the system. If you have either in your bedroom, consider taking your reading in another room.

The Patient Electronics System includes:
  • Antenna: This paddle-shaped antenna located inside the pillow makes taking readings easy and comfortable.
  • Patient Electronics System: Reads the pressure measurement from your sensor wirelessly. For instructions on setting up the system, refer to the CardioMEMS Patient Electronics System guide included with the system.

If you have trouble getting a signal or it takes longer than usual to set up your CardioMEMS HF System, please contact Technical Support at 1-844-692-6367.

Patient Electronics System

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Need help locating a heart failure clinic near you? Our clinic finder will connect you with a care team in your area who can help determine if the CardioMEMS HF System is right for you.

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