HeartMate 3
LVAD Therapy

A treatment for those with advanced heart failure

HeartMate 3 LVAD Therapy

How the HeartMate 3 LVAD Works

LVAD therapy for the treatment of advanced heart failure has improved greatly in recent years. Learn more about the HeartMate 3™ LVAD:

  • A small device implanted in your body to help the heart pump blood
  • Reverses symptoms of heart failure and improves survival and quality of life1
  • Helps people with heart failure return to enjoyable activities and live active, full lives1

Watch how the HeartMate 3 LVAD helps the heart pump blood through the body.

HeartMate 3 LVAD System Overview

What Makes Up the System?

HeartMate 3 LVAD System

HeartMate 3 LVAD

Connects to the left side of the heart and moves blood from the heart’s left ventricle to the rest of the body.

HeartMate 3 LVAD


Provide up to 17 hours of uninterrupted power.



Transfers power and information between the controller and the heart pump. This component is partially outside of your body.



Powers and controls the LVAD and is small enough to fit in a pocket. Includes emergency backup battery.



Associated risk of LVAD therapy can include bleeding, stroke, thrombosis and other possible adverse events.

Live a More Active Life With an LVAD

Review fast facts and helpful information about living life with a HeartMate 3 LVAD.

Live a more active life

Additional Information

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