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Advanced Heart Failure Patient Management

OVER 6.2 MILLION adults in the United States have heart failure.1

Heart failure is a complex, progressive disease that can be challenging to manage.2,3 It is associated with a markedly poor prognosis and significantly reduced quality of life, leading to increased risk of death.2,3

Help your advanced heart failure patients understand if HeartMate 3 LVAD therapy might be a treatment option before their heart failure worsens.

The mortality rate for heart failure

(between 2011-2017)

Patients hospitalized for heart failure have a


Heart failure in the United States is attributed to

Over 350,000 Deaths Per Year4

Today, left ventricular assist
devices (LVADs) are making a better
future possible for many patients
with advanced heart failure.6

Advanced Heart Failure Therapy

Clinicians play a critical role in identifying heart failure progression early enough to help prevent heart failure-related hospitalizations, improve quality of life and extend survival for patients.

Even with optimal medical management, medications can become less effective as heart failure progresses. It’s important to recognize when medications alone are not enough, and when advanced therapies need to be considered for late stage heart failure patients.3

Fortunately, continuous innovation is creating more options for Mechanical Circulatory Support (MCS) patients with advanced heart failure, offering more hope for a better quality of life.

Heart transplantation continues to be limited by the shortage of donor hearts or wait times.7 With HeartMate 3 LVAD outcomes, LVAD therapy can be considered for more patients with advanced heart failure.6 Know when to refer your patients based on clinical risk triggers.

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