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Insertable Cardiac Monitor with SharpSense Technology

Experience Simplified Data Management

Make fast sense of the rich data flow Confirm Rx™ ICM provides with the great P-wave visibility, customized reporting and more robust data management tools.

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Higher % of diagnosed patients at 6-month follow-up1

P-Wave Gainer

Magnifying p-waves clarifying signal changes

  • Gain up to clearly see P-waves in the transmissions to verify your diagnosis.
  • Use the digital caliper to measure and identify arrhythmic behavior.
  • Presenting rhythm sweep speed is standardized to 25 mm/s.

Scatterplot View

Enhance visualization

Scatterplots allow better visualization of AF, bradycardia and pause episodes.

Navigation Screen

Intuitive Episode Adjudication and Easier Navigation

  • Sort by assessment type.
  • Annotate episodes, noting "appropriate," "inappropriate," "not sure" and "not assessed."
  • Mark specific episodes for printing.
  • Use the < (previous) / > (next) buttons to quickly navigate.

Reporting Screen

Reporting Customized for Diagnostic Reviews and Timely Billing

  • Customize the report timeframe based on clinical need for easier diagnostic review of rhythm trends or episodes.
  • Quickly identify patients who are ready for billing, based on your clinical thresholds, to easily generate a customized summary report for simplified billing.
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  1. Ip J, Jaffe B, Castellani M, et al. Arrhythmia Detection in Implantable Cardiac Monitor Randomized Clinical Trial Comparing Reveal LINQ™ and Confirm Rx™. PACE. Sept. 24, 2020.

MAT-2011394 v1.0