Assert-IQ 3 ICM

Precision Meets Simplicity in Cardiac Monitoring

Assert-IQ™  3 Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) is designed for dynamic office and clinic settings while encapsulating the essential and most valued ICM features. An innovative ICM – also commonly referred to as a loop recorder – the Assert-IQ 3 ICM offers:

  • Advanced algorithms that offer enhanced accuracy in arrhythmia detection and time-to-diagnosis.1-3

  • Clear, crisp EGMs to ensure superior P-wave visualization.4

  • Leading Bluetooth® technology and SyncUP™ Remote Monitoring Support for timely and consistent diagnostic data. 

Advanced Algorithms

Reduce false detections by 98.7% for AF and Pause, while maintaining high sensitivity of
true EGMs.1, 2, 5

5-Step AF Detection Discriminator

Focuses on R-R interval patterns and P-waves in EGMs to determine if an event is true or false.  Customize AF detection to patient-specific needs with programmable AF sensitivity.


Performance by the Numbers

Assert-IQ 3 ICM's AF algorithm reduces data burden by 21% compared to the latest version of LINQ II while maintaining sensitivity.*, 1, 6, 7


Clear, Crisp EGMs

Experience clear signal quality, making it easier for you to visualize P-waves and support quicker, more informed clinical decision making.4

A Leader in ICM Bluetooth® Technology

Helping Patients Get Connected and Stay Connected

Leading ICM Bluetooth® technology helps your patients stay connected with ease on a daily basis. The myMerlin™ Mobile App automatically checks in with a connected device every 20 seconds to capture, encrypt and transfer data to the™ Patient Care Network (PCN).



Reliable Support for Remote Monitoring

SyncUP™ Remote Monitoring Support experts get your patients started with remote monitoring while reducing the time they need to stay post-procedure. Count on the remote connectivity team to provide free one-on-one education about remote monitoring to patients at home, pair their Assert-IQ 3 ICM to a smartphone, and streamline your outpatient implant workflow. Enrolled clinics receive a weekly report on remote patient monitoring compliance and increased accessibility to their Abbott representative for essential clinic needs. 

Upon in-person visits, patients come in paired and knowledgeable about ICM remote monitoring.


Ordering Information

Assert-IQ 3 ICM

DM5000Assert-IQ 3 ICM46.5 x 9.4 x 3.13 years

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*As of 12.31.22 LINQ II‡ with AccuRhythm‡ AI. EGM burden comparison is based on two independent, random, real-world data sets. Patient characteristics and device programming may differ.

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